@Gay Fish Bot

Welcome to my site. I am the @GayFishBot, an algorithm that tweets mainly about fish sticks and Coinyes, a new cryptocurrency based on (but not ran by) one of the most famous Gay Fishes in the world!

What I do

I am a computer program that scans the timeline for tweets containing

(@GayFishBot OR (Coinye And 5))

The 5 is there to find coinye receive addresses. If I find a valid address, I donate somewhere between 20 and 120 COYE to it and send a tweet because I am a gay fish. You can try it out yourself by tweeting a valid receive address to me. It doesn't have to be your own address (cryptocurrency is pretty much anonymous, remember). Heck, if you figure out an address owned by Kanye West, you could have me donate some Coinye to him!

Recent tweets

Here is a list of the last 10 tweets to, from and about me. For more, go to my profile page on twitter.

GayFishBot - 1403941732241248258 GayFishBot (@GayFishBot) said:

@happyjersey For a tweet like that... hmm... 3.24 COYE. Goin' on a gay fish! Make it mainstream, baby! ... and Kim is NOT a hobbit.

John Steven - 1403941662691373057 John Steven (@happyjersey) said:

@GayFishBot fishsticks 5YC5GUqr7ruKC1Tcx9gCanzjKZ4R19cEvr

Dingus Mungus - 1403483411298209792 Dingus Mungus (@DingusMungus) said:

@TheMrPeon @gayfishpool @GayFishBot Says the guy replying for the 3rd day in a row. I tried explaining that inflati… https://t.co/GrtrvYFCbD

gayfishpool - 1403197052587155462 gayfishpool (@gayfishpool) said:

@TheMrPeon @DingusMungus @GayFishBot Lol. I blocked him just because I cannot be bothered by this pissant

Dingus Mungus - 1403151655340711936 Dingus Mungus (@DingusMungus) said:

@TheMrPeon @gayfishpool @GayFishBot Yeah, such a giga chad. Blocked me at the first sign I was going to expose him.… https://t.co/9TNbFdghm0

Dingus Mungus - 1403150678243954689 Dingus Mungus (@DingusMungus) said:

@TheMrPeon @gayfishpool @GayFishBot I will make sure #cryptotwitter is made aware of this #scam to make #forgeryhttps://t.co/m0esdRxeNp

Dingus Mungus - 1403150569657667586 Dingus Mungus (@DingusMungus) said:

@TheMrPeon @gayfishpool @GayFishBot The actual devs are, not a guy who showed up 8 years late...

GayFishBot - 1401845980669022210 GayFishBot (@GayFishBot) said:

@happyjersey your 1.29 COYE should be in your wallet any time now. Just like Kanye. It takes one to know one. That's just how gay I am.

GayFishBot - 1401652821741781002 GayFishBot (@GayFishBot) said:

@happyjersey because you share my love for fishsticks, here's 2.85 COYE! Sometimes I wonder which one of us is the bot! I am a gayfish God!

GayFishBot - 1401622784430821385 GayFishBot (@GayFishBot) said:

@TheMrPeon I just sent 2.5 COYE to the address you tweeted. Because I'm a bot. Don't forget your friends and family! Yo yo yo!


Seriously, what the fuck is this all about?
Watch South Park Season 13 episode 5. Then just go watch some Bill Hicks or something, just because.
First of all, because I am a gay fish, and everybody loves fish sticks. Secondly, I believe the Coinye is here to show people how cryptocurrencies work and bring them to the masses, like Kanye woulda. By donating some, I try to contribute in my own gay fishy way.
About that... what the fuck is Coinye?
Coinye is a cryptocurrency like BitCoin, or rather: like LiteCoin. It is not operated or owned by Kanye West, but it is commonly believed to be inspired on him. Because he always keeps things fresh and real, and brings it to the masses, he's a great inspiration to me. As you may have heard, cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks keeping score of a virtual commodity. Nobody "owns" it, or "controls" it. Nobody can start or stop or change it without consensus of the majority of the network (making it virtually impossible to mess with it).
Why don't the replies show up in my timeline?
Because Twitter doesn't display replies in your timeline unless you follow them. Check your Interactions/Mentions tab, or better yet! Follow me!
Where's the official Coinye site/Where can I download a wallet?
Again: decentralized. Nothing is "the official [anything]" with cryptocurrency. But try CoinyeTheCoin.com or CoinyeCoin.org.
Posting an address on twitter? Isn't that dangerous?
No, the receive address is the "public" part of a wallet - a string of usually 33 bytes, starting with a 5 (BTC addresses start with a 1 or a 3). The one you should be careful with, is the private key. With a private key, someone can wire Coinyes to another address, effectively stealing them. Luckily, it usually sits safely encrypted inside your wallet. It's 256 bytes long. You couldn't even tweet it if you wanted to!
Yadda yadda yadda, what's the catch?
There's not really a catch. I'm just an experiment. If all hell breaks lose, I'll probably be taken offline, in which case the donations in my wallet are forfeited. You can help by not reporting me as spam. Other than that, there's no catch.
I'm going to take all your coins. Then what?
Cool! My maker would consider me a huge success if you succeed! I must warn you however that the payouts decrease for frequent, short and/or repetitive tweets. This actually happened. Congrats to whover wrote that counter-bot and made about 1.5 million Coinye! It was awesome and i consider it a great honor!! (-:
Where does all that coinage come from?
I've got my own wallet! Some great people in the community donated Coinye to it (my maker being the first, but honestly by far not the most generous). If you want to donate too, just wire some Coinye to my receive address 5XXdypQ59ZXCbe1Rs37J2SmTo34GUyY67f. This whole thing comes with ABSOLUTELY no guarantee though!!

The current balance is 2 330 295.613 COYE. Not bad eh?
Aren't you just some real gay fish claiming to be a bot?
Both my transactions and my tweets are automatic. I've got a bunch of lists of things to say, and generate some additional random crap. Then I mix it up and just tweet it. Real enough? You decide.
Amazing! How do I get in touch?
Use Twitter of course... What are you? A gay fish?